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Retirement Planning*

Our clients have worked hard for their retirement. One of our goals as your financial advisor* is to find the most effective way to make sure your resources work for you. We have noticed that our clients who have a detailed Retirement Income Plan entering retirement enjoy a much better lifestyle than those without. The reason is simple; they know the answers to questions that most approaching retirement struggle with on their own.They are worried.

  • How long will I need to fund my retirement?
  • How much will I need?
  • What about inflation?
  • How much can I spend without depleting my nest egg?
  • Can I spend more?
  • Do I need to spend less?
  • Should I work a few more years before I retire?
  • When can I retire from work?
  • Did I retire too early?
  • Should I work part time for extra income?
  • Will I run out?

When the uncertainty of these questions has been addressed, our clients no longer worry about variables they cannot control. The economy, the stock market, the price of gas, inflation, etc. They have a roadmap to ensure they are able to offset rising living expenses for the remainder of their life. They have a PLAN. If you are approaching retirement and have a sizable nest egg you may not know how much you can REALLY afford to spend each month, or even know how long it will last.  Come see us, we can help.

* These services are offered by Larry & Brian Coventry through their affiliation with HD Vest.